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It has been pretty cold lately and I’ve been thinking back to warmer days. Recently, I had the memory of summer, sitting on my back porch reading and spending time with my dog. It took me down this rabbit hole of small moments that bring me so much joy; like reading a book or drinking a warm cup of tea. I found myself filled with so much gratitude for these things that seem so insignificant on any given day. And having this appreciation, I find that I have more energy to do what I need to throughout the day.

What small moments bring you joy? Can you take a moment today for yourself and have that experience?

This might seem random and you may be asking yourself, what does this have to do with photography. I believe there is a connection between how you feel inside and what is captured on the outside. And I want to capture your fullest, happiest self with my camera. So at the very least, I hope you will indulge my random inspirational thoughts and at best I hope it brings some sunshine to your day.

-Billie, BraveBold Studios

P.S. In honor of Black History Month, the month of love and the fact that these two just welcomed a little baby boy into the world; here is a little black love.

image of flower

I am not a mother but I think to be one takes bravery, strength and tenacity. To carry a child for 9 months, your body undergoes a metamorphosis. And then you give birth to a precious life only to be sleep deprived for the first few weeks or even months as your baby adapts to this strange new world. I admire you.

James Baldwin wrote in No Name in the Street, “A newborn baby is an extraordinary event; and I have never seen two babies who looked or even sounded remotely alike. Here it is, this breathing miracle who could not live an instant without you, with a skull more fragile than an egg, a miracle of eyes, legs, toenails, and (especially) lungs.”

And you brought this miracle into the world.

The name BraveBold is an embodiment of the women I photograph. I’m honored to be able to capture this special moment of you and your family. And I remind you today to take a breath and appreciate all you have accomplished.

  • Billie McCain

Thank you to everyone who gave me the opportunity to photograph your family holiday photos. Being a part of spreading love and joy at this time of year is priceless. Here is a sampling of the photos I took this holiday season.

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