Portraits You Can Cherish For A Lifetime

Baltimore, Maryland Portrait Photography


Family moments you can relive over and over again...

Hello, I'm Billie McCain-Gillis

Growing up with a single mother, I know the strength, bravery and perseverance that goes into being a parent. I saw how hard she worked to provide a comfortable life for my sisters and me. I apply that same hardworking mindset in creating impactful portraits for you.


Having lost my mother at the young age of 11 years old, images have a greater meaning for me and I am so grateful for the few photographs I have of her and I together.

I know the power that images have in transporting us back to a happy moment in time, reminding us of what's important and putting the present moments in perspective.

My goal is to create beautiful portraits of you and your family to display in your home to relive the joy of happy moments everyday.


I believe there are moments when we are living in full alignment with who we truly are, and in those times magic happens. I look to capture that magic with my camera.